You are a Lobbyist and you don’t know it

Qualities of a good professional

I’d dare say that at least 80% of the Spanish population links the professional of lobbyist with a shady millionaire, full of bad intentions and of course … a man. Again, the obvious is not true.

Do you remember that summer when you wanted to go to the beach to do nothing for a week and your partner wanted to make a complete tour of Italy? Months before, you began to «play tricks» to make it clear that yours was the better choice: you sent him/her photos of sunsets, calendars of local festivals you could attend, news about the opening of a new beach bar, articles about the benefits of a physical and mental rest once a year … and in the end, your partner succumbs. Of course.

Be influential by arguing, that is the key. It is true that this example does not strictly define a lobbyist because this term refers to the work of those who try to influence lawmakers, but the qualities they must have are the same:

  • Creativity
  • Persuasiveness
  • Persistence
  • Information
  • Communication skills
  •  Empathy

There are more, of course, but I consider that the essential qualities are the first and last: without creativity it is difficult to take advantage of the rest of the characteristics; And without the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes it is impossible to know what they really want / need and offer them it for mutual benefit.

As Harry Overstreet wrote in Influencing Human Behavior «Actions arise from our fundamental desires,» so if you want to be influential in others’ decisions you have to «rouse in them a strong desire.»

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