Qualities of a good professional

Actions to modify sectoral regulations need to be supported by a previous media campaign that introduces the situation and paves the way for lawmakers. It is appropriate to use experts to explain the positive characteristics of the issue we represent in the media. It is a common practice and, obviously, is also used by those who stand against our interests so it is imperative to be the first to take measures.

In the newspapers this weekend, we could read clear examples of these lobbying actions in information of an entrepreneurial nature:

  • The newspaper El Mundo published a report about the small margins of supermarkets. The report tries to disrupt the feelings of solidarity generated by the farmers we usually see on the news who explain how they sell products for a few cents that we then buy at the supermarket at high prices.

In this case several experts, one of them from a reputed consulting firm, KPMG, clearly state how the supermarkets have to tie themselves in knots to break even and explain the journey from the farm to the shopping basket.

  • In the same newspaper another report introduces a company almost on the path to sainthood. “Africa, el nuevo gran dorado para Uber”. In this case, the subtitle says almost everything the reader should feel: “In South Africa, one of the countries with the highest crime rates, [UBER] offers a safer alternative than the usual means of transport.” In the text, in addition to referring to the great service provided by the company especially for women travelling alone, it also points to its contribution to job creation in one of the most depressed areas in the world.

The messages that the company wants to transmit are clear: Uber should be considered as a company with international implementation – in spite of some local reticence –which is solvent, committed to the societies in which it is established, creating employment, sustainable …

In both cases, the reader perceives at least one positive idea about the company or the sector in the report. Does this mean that the work is already done? Of course not. Creating or changing the opinion of people is not the work of an article alone, it is a slow process that must be as varied and creative as possible if we want its impact to reach the social sector that we are interested in targeting.

But that will be the object of another post.